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Add-on Tool: URL Re-director

Worried about broken links?  Try Tzunami’s URL Re-director!

Tzunami offers an additional add-on tool for the redirection of URLs throughout the SharePoint migration project.    Tzunami’s URL Re-director scans the reports of the migrated content and fixes the links from outdated legacy systems.  The old links are redirected to a designated SharePoint URL, allowing end-users to access content from their old systems.

After scanning the commit reports, Tzunami’s URL Re-director provides users with:

  1.  An indication of whether or not a given URL has been migrated to SharePoint
  2.  A newly created URL in SharePoint which allows users to access content from old URLs

With Tzunami’s URL Re-director,  users can have uninterrupted access to their content in the source legacy system – both during and after the SharePoint migration.  The URL Re-director also solves the problem of internal linkage between files (when a file in the legacy system points to a separate file in the legacy system).

For a live demo of the URL Redirector, contact us at: [email protected]
Tzunami URL Redirector

Tzunami is a leading provider of SharePoint Migration solutions for enterprises of all sizes. As the pioneers of content migration, Tzunami enables seamless migration from over 15 legacy systems to SharePoint.

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