Tzunami Deployer for Hyperwave Migration

Tzunami Deployer for Hyperwave® enables migrating Hyperwave content into SharePoint products and technologies. Tzunami Deployer for Hyperwave is part of the Tzunami Deployer Family of Products, which has been developed specifically to respond to all SharePoint 2007, 2010,2013 and 2016 migration requirements.

Metadata Migration

Using the HMI files generated by Hyperwave, Tzunami Deployer for Hyperwave loads, and migrates, all metadata to the new system, including system properties, such as Created By, Creation and Modification dates.

Although the system properties are considered the most important metadata, they are often insufficient. With Tzunami Deployer for Hyperwave, users can migrate all properties, including custom properties, using property mappings, to any SharePoint property.

Security Migration

When migrating to SharePoint, it is often useful to retain the security settings that are in-place on the Hyperwave content. Tzunami Deployer for Hyperwave allows users to perform security migration. Using Tzunami Deployer’s security mappings, users can perform the migration of users, groups and permissions even across Active Directory domains.

Technical Details

Supported versions:

  • Hyperwave Information Server 4.1
  • Hyperwave Information Server 6

Software requirements:

  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.0

*HYPERWAVE®  owned by Hyperwave Information Management, Inc.