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As the pioneers in the field of content migration, Tzunami works with all enterprises across all domains. Tzunami Deployer, a stand-alone application, enables rapid content migration from a wide-range of sources. It is a low-cost solution that saves time and easily moves content to advanced SharePoint systems. Providing a user-friendly solution to real-world business challenges, Tzunami Deployer facilitates remote access to sites, including those behind firewalls. Furthermore, it supports the rapid creation of SharePoint server structures with features such as advanced security migration and a powerful graphic user interface.

Tzunami offers comprehensive round-the-clock support to help enhance efficiency, business value and growth. As the pioneers in the field, Tzunami has a strong track-record of assisting global enterprises with all their content migration requirements. With extensive knowledge of the most leading and complex data systems in the market, our specialists provide essential guidance on the largest migration projects.

Our technical team is available 24/7 to ensure you receive the maximum from Tzunami’s products and solutions. With comprehensive resources and expertise to implement migration solutions, Tzunami provides cost-effective support to its customers.

Possessing both technological and business acumen, Tzunami’s customer support team is standing by to help you achieve successful deployment of existing data into SharePoint Platforms.

To receive more information on Tzunami support service program please contact [email protected].

To contact a customer support representative please email International Support [email protected].

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