Tzunami Deployer feature overview

At Tzunami Inc., we understand the challenges of a fast-changing technological environment. Enterprises today need a simple solution that migrates all an organization’s content to advanced SharePoint systems.

Tzunami Deployer is the leading SharePoint Migration Tool, It’s a stand-alone application, which is a simple, multi-source tool handling all an enterprises’ migration requirements. Developed over years of experience, the Tzunami Deployer Family of Products is designed to respond to all SharePoint migration requirements. It is a low-cost migration and management solution that saves time and easily migrates content to advanced SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online products and technologies. Supporting the rapid creation of SharePoint server structures, the solution effortlessly transfers data from older Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. Automating the entire process of migrating unstructured content, Tzunami Deployer offers a user-friendly solution to real-world business challenges.

Tzunami Deployer Highlights:

  • The leading SharePoint Migration tool for rapid migration and consolidation of content into Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies
  • Migrates from a wide range of systems into the SharePoint environment
  • Enables organizations wishing to use or upgrade their SharePoint to save time and dramatically reduce migration costs
  • Facilitates the preparation of remote modeling and migration plans offline and even off-site, working on virtual simulations of both systems


Tzunami Deployer offers rapid migration into SharePoint structures. In today’s business arena, with multiple ECMs in one organization, Tzunami Deployer minimizes the loss of information. It enables the IT professionals to migrate SharePoint and streamline the business-critical processes simply and efficiently. With effective use of accumulated knowledge, Tzunami Deployer increases the return on investment and lowers total cost of SharePoint ownership.

Key Features

Deployment Wizard

Using the powerful deployment wizard, content structure can be remodeled during the migration processes. SharePoint sites, lists, libraries, folders and more can be modeled, customized, designed and redefined

Built-in and Custom Site and List Template Support

Site templates are utilized (both global and template galleries) as well as list templates in order to retain the look, feel and design of the new SharePoint solution.

Content Restructuring and Remodeling

Content is restructured and remodeled with the freedom to migrate from non- SharePoint systems. Cleansing and remodeling is also enabled from SharePoint systems.

Rule Engine

The migration process can primarily be automated with an easy to use rule engine and an extendable list of conditions and actions. With a powerful interface and predefined rule-base, users can easily create new sets of rules for large amounts of data. Drawing on extensive experience, all rule engine functions have been customized according to a wide range of requirements.

Property Mapping

Properties can be mapped from the source content to newer systems or even different property types. Properties can be added and modified to the target system both during the migration process as well as from a central point for metadata administration.

Value Mapping

Users are able to map between the different values from the source content to the equivalent values in the target system.

Security Management and Migration

Security migration can be performed as part of the content migration, retaining users and groups permissions. Furthermore, security migration is facilitated for users from different domains, even between systems that are connected to different LDAP systems.

Multi-System Support

Tzunami supports a variety of ECMs, allowing you to export content from multiple source systems from a single, easy-to-learn interface.

Detailed Migration Reports

Extensive reporting during export, deployment, and commit phase enables users to make sure all content is successfully migrated.

User Interface

A powerful and flexible graphic user interface (GUI), which is simple and easy to learn. It has drag-and-drop elements between the original source system and SharePoint as well as familiar Windows Explorer-like views and wizards for complex processes. "Getting Started" wizard for first-time users.

Find and Filter

Quickly locate one or more items, based on various ECM system’s criteria as well as specific property values. Filter out documents and other non-essential items to highlight the most important content.

Metadata Migration

Includes metadata providers system for exporting metadata from files. The new system enables metadata information to be extracted from files resulting in improved content taxonomy. Automatically fixed invalid metadata (Date/Time and Numeric properties). Extensive support for Lookup properties.