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Calling all WPC 2013 attendees – Come Visit Us at Booth 443!

Tzunami is a proud exhibitor at this year’s Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference.  Come visit us at Booth 443 in the Social Enterprise Neighborhood.  Find out how our data migration tools can increase your SharePoint ROI!

Tzunami at WPC


More Reasons We Love Office 365

If you are weighing the pros and cons of Office 365, we highly encourage you to read Arpan Shah’s latest post My Favorite Office 365 Features

From People Everywhere, and Yammer to Security and Rights Management, this post highlights the top 10 features of Office 365.

He also includes a link at the bottom for a free trial of Office 365.  If you’re sold on the idea of Office 365 after reading this article, you might be considering your migration options.  Migration to Office 365 and SharePoint Online migration have never been easier – try our free evaluation of our SharePoint Migration Tool, Tzunami Deployer here: considering an Office 365 migration or migration to SharePoint Online, we’re also offering a free evaluation of our SharePoint migration software here:

SharePoint Online Migration

Tzunami Tip: Handling Subgroups in SharePoint Migration

The security structure of many ECMs allows for the creation of different permissions groups within a parent permission group.  This presents an issue when migrating to SharePoint, since SharePoint does not support the same permissions structure.

At Tzunami, we are well aware of the challenges of SharePoint migration, and we have therefore included features to our SharePoint Migration Tool to help overcome these obstacles.  With Tzunami Deployer for SharePoint Migration, we offer two suggestions for migrating groups within groups:

1. You can change the Deployer settings in order to “flatten the groups,” meaning push all subgroups up to the level of the parent group.  If you choose this option you should open the Advanced Settings in Deployer:

Tools > Advanced Settings > SharePoint Tab > Set the flat FlatGroupMembers to True

SharePoint Security Migration




















2. Another option is to simply create all of the sub groups (as they currently exist in the Legacy System) in your SharePoint Active Directory. Then, using Tzunami Deployer, you will be able to map each subgroup to the matching group in the Active Directory.

SharePoint 2013 Training

If you’re looking for some good training material for SharePoint 2013, we highly recommend this video series – SharePoint 2013 Training for IT Pros.  Thanks to Senior SharePoint Consultant JD Wade for posting this on twitter – the training module has been recently updated to include walkthrough videos on a variety of essential SharePoint 2013 topics, such as:

  • SharePoint 2013 system requirements
  • Architectural Changes
  • Server Farms and Site Architecture Planning
  • Office Web Apps 2013
  • Search Features
  • Social Features

If you plan to upgrade to SharePoint 2013, or if you plan to migrate from SharePoint 2007 to 2013, visit for access to this interactive course on SharePoint 2013 – it comes highly reccommended.

SharePoint 2013 Training

SharePoint 2013 Training

Tzunami got a makeover – How do we look?

Tzunami launched its new website this week.  Take a tour of the new website and let us know what you think!  Here are some of the great new features we have added to our website:

1. Chat with a Representative – Have a question?  Our live chat representatives are available to provide answers.  Tzunami’s experienced support team is at your service and ready to assist you with all of your queries.

2. Blog – Stay up to date on Tzunami’s latest news and announcements.  We’ll be posting lots of exciting new features in the near future.  We’ll also keep you updated on some of the widely discussed topics in the realm of SharePoint and data migration.

3. Interactive Knowledge Base –  Now Tzunami’s Support Portal is integrated with our website.  Contact our support team immediately by clicking on the Support Button.  You can also access our knowledge base directly from within the Tzunami Website – we’ve provided you with countless videos, user guides, and FAQs.  Comment, rate and share our posts with other users who might find them useful.  Browse to the Support Page, and click on the black, “support” tab.

Contact Tzunami Support



Be sure to check out our new website at  Inspired by the idea of data liberation, we believe in a world of collaboration across multiple platforms — please share, like, tweet, blog anything that you find of interest!

Until our next makeover,

The Tzunami Team

24/7 Support

Tzunami’s Support Team works 24/7 to offer the highest level of customer support throughout our clients’ migration projects. Thank you, Warren for the KUDOS! If you’ve had any interaction with the Tzunami Support Team, we’d love to hear your feedback. Contact us at [email protected]

Tzunami 24/7 Support for SharePoint Migration

What’s the next stop for MOSS Users?

What’s the next step for MOSS Users? Dan Holme offers his perspective for those approaching a SharePoint migration

SharePoint 2007 users are now confronted with a major question when considering their next migration move – SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013?  Dan Holme weighs the pros and cons of both options in the blog post on SharePoint Pro.

Organizations in the midst of a SharePoint migration decision should consider taking a look at this article for some key considerations.  On choosing to migrate from SharePoint 2007 directly to 2013, Holme states, “As with all other upgrades, there’s no direct upgrade path from 2007 or earlier versions of SharePoint to 2013. You either have to go through 2010 on the way, or use a third party tool.  And – knowing that you probably did things in 2007 that you would not choose to do the same way in 2013 – I’d strongly recommend a good third party migration tool.”

Tzunami will sponsor SharePoint Saturday Richmond

Meet us there:

SharePoint Saturday Richmond (SPSRIC) Saturday

March 23, 2013

Greater Richmond Convention Center

403 North Third Street

Richmond, VA 23219

Tzunami is Hiring

Tzunami Inc is seeking dedicated and motivated individuals seeking to work with one of the world’s leading providers of SharePoint Migration Solutions.

Interested in joining the Tzunami Team?  Visit our job postings here

What about the BLOB?

Tzunami supports use of Remote Blob Storage (RBS) for SharePoint

Here’s another question we get from our clients – does Tzunami support the usage of Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) for SharePoint?  The answer is yes, Tzunami is able to provide support for FILESTREAM Provider RBS.

The RBS functions as a set of standardized APIs which allow you to store and retrieve blobs exterior to your main SQL database.  The files/blobs are are stored by SharePoint in a content database.  It’s recommended to use RBS when the size of the content databases exceed 4 GB.
For clarifications on installation and usage of RBS, we suggest checking out any of the following blog posts: FAQ: SharePoint 2010 Remote BLOB Storage (RBS)
Configure Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) with the FILESTREAM provider (SharePoint 2010)
Install and Configure RBS (SharePoint Foundation 2010)
Tzunami Deployer communicates with the standard SharePoint API.  This means that any content which is uploaded there and is meant to be stored in the RBS will be able to reach its destination in the same way as it would if you were to upload it yourselves to SharePoint, even though the process is done through the Deployer migration process.If you’re using a third party RBS storage system, we’d recommend reaching out to the support team at [email protected] to ensure that we can support this system.


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