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Partner Program

The Tzunami Partner Program has been designed to address our customers’ needs and leverage our partners’ strengths and technology skills. Our partners can dramatically accelerate the delivery of SharePoint implementations and transform the risky and costly task of content migration into a fast and efficient Enterprise Content Management process.

Tzunami guaranties content migration from all major legacies into Microsoft SharePoint products and technologies, while preserving all of the organization’s vital information, using the unparalleled migration tool, Tzunami Deployer. This enables our partners to tap into a network of resources that help customers solve real-world business challenges.

Our Partner Program offers a solid framework of collaboration solutions that encourage development and joint endeavors. At Tzunami, we appreciate a key to success is valuable partners who can optimize our technology. Tzunami possesses the tools and resources to help generate new revenue streams and improve mutual profitability. The Tzunami Deployer supports migration from all repositories, maximizing our partners’ capabilities and technological performance. Join us in extending our mutual migration capabilities in order to meet joint customer requirements.

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