Press Release: Advanced Reports on Outlook Content Made Readily Available with the Launch of Tzunami’s Outlook Reporting Add-in Tool

As published on SBWire: September 11, 2013:

Tzunami Outlook Reports Add-In

Bellevue, WA  — 09/11/2013 — Tzunami, a global provider of data migration software has recently released the Tzunami Outlook Reports Add-In for Microsoft Outlook. This Add-in performs a thorough analysis of your Outlook inbox and generates extensive reporting on the content of your mailbox based on various customizable criteria.

The tool is the first of Tzunami’s new line of Business Productivity Tools. Designed to provide a comprehensive statistical analysis on all Outlook mailbox content, the tool provides managers with enhanced inbox monitoring capabilities. The tool was designed to work seamlessly with Excel reports for increased ease of use and data sharing purposes. Enhanced visual reports such as pie charts, and line charts can be additionally generated for increased visibility.

“The outlook reporting tool provides an opportunity for businesses to increase their management capabilities and stay informed about company communication and responsiveness. This is especially important for tracking the email traffic within functional business units, such as a customer support team” remarks Reout Sagui, Support Team Manager.

The demo version of the Tzunami Outlook Reports Add-In can be downloaded free of charge from the official site:

About Tzunami
As the pioneers in the field of content migration, Tzunami has a strong track record of providing SharePoint Migration Solutions to global enterprises. The software company has recently opened a new line of business productivity tools for Microsoft Office. The Outlook Report Add-In Tool is the first tool to be offered within Tzunami’s new Business Productivity Tool Suite. Offering a simplified migration solution, Tzunami transfers all of an organization’s content to advanced SharePoint systems from multiple sources. With clients including federal government entities, Fortune 500 companies and well-known multinationals, Tzunami boasts the expertise and flexibility to deliver simple, fast and effective solutions for all customer requirements. To learn more please contact: [email protected], call 1-866-203-5264, or visit our website at