Preparing a SharePoint Migration Project for Deployment

Tzunami Deployer supports the rapid creation of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007/2010/2013 and SharePoint Online.  Our migration solution easily transfers data from older Enterprise Content Management Systems, and automates the entire process of migrating unstructured content.  Expediting your SharePoint Migration can be achieved with proper preparation.  When preparing a SharePoint Migration Project for Deployment, we recommend following these steps:

1. Open one of the Tzunami Deployer Projects which you have already created:

This saves you time wasted on repeatedly creating a new project, connecting to the source, and connecting to the target.

2. Load the source data into that project:

Load the structure and then reload the desired content within it.

SharePoint Migration


3. Reload the target destination site/sub-site/list:

If there are many documents in a target list, it might be unneccessary to load all of the existing documents when reloading a particular list.  However, choosing not to load this, could prevent Tzunami Deployer from identifying duplicate file names.  The document versions in the target environment do NOT need to be loaded

4. Work on multiple projects in parallel:

You can run up to 3 instances of Deployer on one front end server (assuming 4GB RAM, 2 GHz Xeon processor server configuration). Keep in mind, you can install Tzunami Deployer on multiple machines to further expedite your SharePoint migration.