Migrating Subsites to the Quick Launch

With a typical SharePoint migration, it’s easy to migrate sites and lists to the Quick Launch in the target SharePoint environment.  Users simply check the “Display list on the Quick Launch” option using the Tzunami Deployer Wizard.

SharePoint Quick Launch

Now for the tricky question:

“What about subsites?  Can we migrate those to Quick Launch too?”

The answer is YES.  With Tzunami Deployer, this is an option.  While performing deployment, users can choose whether to show the subsites in the quick launch, or inherit the quick launch settings from the parent or not.


Quick Launch 3

Please note, in order to have these options, users must have chosen to read the navigation information from the source when loading the source content.  Also, users must verify that the the flag UpdateSiteQuickLaunch in the advanced settings is set to TRUE.

Migrating a Subsite to SharePoint

Tzunami Deployer allows you to customize the hierarchy of your target SharePoint environment as much as needed – allowing users to retain the old “look  and feel” from the source, or get creative with the target SharePoint environment.