Staying Business-Focused, not Technology-Focused

With all the hype surrounding SharePoint 2013, we SharePoint lovers have become quite familiar with all the buzz words being thrown around: “social”, “mobility,” “cloud,” “big data.”  As providers of SharePoint Migration Tools, we might even admit to having thrown around those words ourselves.

Swept up in the craze of SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013, we’ve failed to overlook the reality of the situation which is – “Many SharePoint customers have only moved to SharePoint 2010 within the last 18 months and are still trying to figure out how to make the most of what they have today.”

For our customers just finishing a SharePoint 2010 Migration project, you’re not alone!  In his post Making the Most of SharePoint 2010, Christian Buckley encourages SharePoint 2010 users to take full advantage of the many benefits of SharePoint 2010 while maintaining a business-focused approach.