Tzunami Releases New Feature

While focusing on your SharePoint Migration, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of the volume of data which is being migrated at all times.

To this end, we’ve released a cool new feature for our flagship SharePoint migration tool, Tzunami Deployer.

Using Tzunami, you can perform as many virtual deployments as necessary as you model your content in SharePoint according to your expectations.  Since the deployments are done remotely, none of these changes will actually be reflected until deciding to Commit to SharePoint.  During the commit phase, our SharePoint migration tool writes all changes to the SharePoint server according to the specifications of your migration project.  To see the commit process in action, take a look at any of our demo videos here:

To help with the planning phase, we’ve added a new enhancement to Tzunami Deployer which measures and displays the volume of data which was migrated after the Commit phase, once all content, metadata, and security was deployed to SharePoint.

SharePoint Migration Reporting









Download the new version of Tzunami Deployer, and check out our new Quota Tracker feature here: