Benefits of SharePoint for the Healthcare Industry

While browsing through LinkedIn, we stumbled upon an uplifting comment from Tony Joseph, MD.

SharePoint for Healthcare

In his discussion, Dr. Joseph comments on the Healthcare Industry’s dire need for SharePoint.  He states that SharePoint has helped connect hospital across the United States, forging a solid network of cardiovascular diagnosis insights.  Dr. Joseph hits on the quintessential benefit of using SharePoint – “having access to pooled knowledge.”  Joseph comments on the ability of SharePoint to instantly connect experts from any field of expertise and allow for efficient sharing of a plethora of invaluable knowledge.  

Having completed thousands of SharePoint migrations, at Tzunami, we’ve been dedicated to the promotion of SharePoint solutions for over a decade — and for good reason! There is nothing we love more than to see the fruits of SharePoint collaboration across an industry as reverent as the Healthcare Industry.