What’s the next stop for MOSS Users?

What’s the next step for MOSS Users? Dan Holme offers his perspective for those approaching a SharePoint migration

SharePoint 2007 users are now confronted with a major question when considering their next migration move – SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013?  Dan Holme weighs the pros and cons of both options in the blog post on SharePoint Pro.

Organizations in the midst of a SharePoint migration decision should consider taking a look at this article for some key considerations.  On choosing to migrate from SharePoint 2007 directly to 2013, Holme states, “As with all other upgrades, there’s no direct upgrade path from 2007 or earlier versions of SharePoint to 2013. You either have to go through 2010 on the way, or use a third party tool.  And – knowing that you probably did things in 2007 that you would not choose to do the same way in 2013 – I’d strongly recommend a good third party migration tool.”