What’s New in Deployer 2.7? Post #5: Improved support for Mails properties in Exchange Exporter

The new version of Tzunami Exchange Exporter 2.7 has some enhanced support for the extraction of the mail properties/metadata. Exchange Exporter now allows you to choose whether you wish to export Custom properties or not, just by checking the option “Export custom properties” in Exporter wizard (under Items tab),

Another, handy feature that has been added to the Exporter is that, now you can decide if you wish to export the mailing properties such as CC, TO etc as “User type” field or “Text” field depending upon your migration need. This option can be found under Advance tab of the Exporter Wizard,

After performing the export, you can verify this by loading the TDX file into the Deployer, please right-click on one of the items in source panel -> View Property Set and you will find that the properties have been exported as User (multi) type property,