May 11 2011

Tzunami announces release of cross-platform migration solution – Itrion
Latest solution breaks existing technological constraints and enables data migration across multiple platforms.
New York, NA (May, 2011) — Tzunami Inc., the data migration masters, announces the release of Tzunami Itrion, its breakthrough cross-platform data migration solution. Tzunami Itrion enables data migration across multiple platforms. Unlike previous solutions that were limited to migration to Microsoft SharePoint, Tzunami Itrion offers secure data migration across any platform.

Tzunami says that the release is the result of extensive research and development and it is proud of this milestone in the company’s continued evolution.

“Tzunami is excited to release its latest offering that supports cross-platform migration”, said Nimrod Berger VP Global Sales and Marketing of Tzunami. “Our ability to develop such a technologically advanced solution reflects our commitment to the market and addresses our customers’ needs for migrating data securely and seamlessly across a wide variety of platforms.”

Tzunami Itrion is an application that enables rapid content migration to and from all major Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. This latest solution offers the freedom to work with all ECM systems, while retaining features that enable ease of metadata migration and retention of vital enterprise information. The solution fully supports and preserves security settings to maintain compliance. Enhanced rule engine conditions handling and an innovative user interface increase the ease and accuracy of automating migration across ECMs, allowing minimal intervention during the migration process.
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