Ask Dave! Tip #4: Rule Egine

Tzunami Deployer Rule Engine is a powerful Deployer component that enables you to automate large parts of the SharePoint migration process by creating flowcharts of If-Then statements in a rules editor. A Rule consists of a set of conditions (logical IFs) and Actions (logical THENs). If all conditions are fully met, then the Actions are executed. A Rule Set is a set of rules that define deployment options for a specific Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

The Deployer Rule Engine is intended for power users, System Integrators, and Tzunami Deployer specialists. It provides you with a high degree of freedom in regard to the business logic you can create.

The order of the Rules in a Rule Set is important. The Rule Engine processes each container item in the deployed item, evaluating the Rules one after the other against each item. If even one Condition is not met, the Rule is ignored, and the Rule Engine proceeds to the next Rule. If all Conditions are met, the Actions are performed, and the Rule Engine continues handling the next item. No other rule is evaluated for that item. As a result, even if two Rules are valid for a certain item, only the first Rule is evaluated and performed.

Rule Sets Editor contains several built-in default Rule Sets that define some common deployment logic. You can customize these default Rule Sets to suit your specific deployment needs.