Ask Dave! Tip #3: Filtering source items

Did you know? With Tzunami Deployer, you can filter items in the source panel, prior to the deployment and migration. This allows you to perform content clean-up before moving to the new system. The filtering can be done based on any property.

Load the desired source content into the Tzunami Deployer project, right-click a folder, and select “Filter”
The new window that appears allows you to select properties, and add filtering condition.

Select a property in the left list of properties, select a criteria and one or more values. Click the “Add Condition” button, and press “OK” to close the window.

You can now see that only files that match the conditions selected appear (and only those items will be deployed and migrated). Additionally, a new counter appears next to each folder (using the square brackets ‘[ ]’) that display the number of items that matched the conditions.