Migrating SharePoint
OnPremise ECM System to Cloud

OnPremise ECM System to Cloud Migration

Tzunami’s On Premise ECM System to Cloud Migration closes the gap by offering a tailor made solution enabling your company or organization to be up-to-date by migrating all its data to the cloud.

SharePoint Migration

Multi-System Support

A single solution for multiple source ECM systems - Tzunami Deployer offers a cost-effective solution for migrating and consolidating multiple content sources into SharePoint

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Tzunami – Sharepoint Migration Solutions

Tzunami Inc. offers advanced sharepoint migration solutions with years of experience in providing service to large organization and companies such as the US Army, Airbus, Pfizer, Ford and many more. At Tzunami we understand the importance to get ALL data transferred and leave nothing behind. We do not compromise for any less than the best – all content, security, metadata and versions will be migrated with the Tzunami Deployer. Easy, fast and thorough and led by a team of professionals of the Tzunami Team.

Multi-System Support

At Tzunami you will get a single solution for multiple source ECM systems. Tzunami offers a cost-effective solution for transferring & consolidating varied content sources into SharePoint. Tzunami supports all versions of SharePoint (from SPS 2001 to SharePoint 2016)

Tzunami Deployer – Migration Made Easy

Any organization or company that needs its content migrated, want to do so in a meticulous, mostly automated process in order to avoid mistakes and important data getting lost. Tzunami has automated the entire process of unstructured content and caters a user-friendly solution to SharePoint content migration. As a company you can rest assure all your content will be migrated accordingly! Moreover -due to the fact the migration is automated- you will reduce the costs of transferring your data from point A to B by up to 90%!

At Tzunami you can enjoy a risk-free migration solution for an important and weighty real-world business challenge. After obtaining years of experience, the Tzunami Deployer Data Migration Tools are up-to-date and designed in such a manner, they ensure a complete and successful migration. This, combined with our 24/7 available team, gives you a trustworthy place to transfer any data you like.

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Tzunami supports all versions of SharePoint, from SPS 2001 to SharePoint 2013. Watch a video demonstration here!

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